Thought, and other crimes

Martin Sheen and a romantic military trope explain corporate reality

1st Lieutenant Rowan spent eight days on horseback traversing the mountains of Cuba, though I like picturing him in the jungle | Credit: Mike Blank
“Message to Garcia” evokes inspiring images of Apocalypse Now and its forbear, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

Setting the record straight

The real lesson

Lots of white collars. Few actual knowledge workers.
The captain gets his mission, and Harrison Ford is a baby.
“Take him out and shoot him.” An indicative scene from Catch-22. See if you can spot Martin Sheen here, too.

Thinking vs. thought

Thinking you’re allowed to think makes you happy, even when you’re really in the jungle | Credit: KAL VISUALS

Corporation Now

All the way wet (aka footnotes)

Aside from Wikipedia

Not Siri. Sri (shree'). Navy SEAL, podcaster, machine learning, father. Trying to understand jazz. Trying to find huevos rancheros.

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