What AI Ellen can teach us about team communication.

Ellen DeGeneres, Tilda Swinton, and human relationships on AI

Rise of Tilda

I am self-aware.
AI Tilda: Ever “touring the facilities and picking up slack.”
Ellen Ups Her Scare Game for ‘AHS: Cult’ Star Sarah Paulson
Dennis Quaid wants a latte!

Communication Breakdown (“it’s always the same”)

The Business Comms Disease

What’s the frequency, Kenneth? Michael Stipe looks a little like Jeff Bezos in this live cut.¹⁰

What to do?

Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin — six ways. The June 29th, 1969 version at Top Gear is the best in my opinion. If you don’t have the “BBC Sessions” already, you should punish yourself. Even in an age of unlimited music streaming, some things are still worth owning.

Not footnotes. More like on-topic tapas.

“Of course, dude. That is cool.”
Genetic algorithms

Not Siri. Sri (shree'). Navy SEAL, podcaster, machine learning, father. Trying to understand jazz. Trying to find huevos rancheros.

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