Irritable fasting and the one line you shouldn’t cross

A fad diet’s hidden demons

6 min readSep 28, 2020


Hiding in plain sight — just like IF’s demonic side | Credit: Alice Alinari

In my first post on intermittent fasting I focused on one of the major benefits of this hunter-gatherer regimen: mental focus. Over the last three years, though, I’ve noticed some detrimental effects from IF for me personally that often counter the benefits.

I find that this “diet,” if I can call it that, gives me clarity and drive in the morning in addition to the body-composition benefits that are both anecdotal (pour moi) and to large extent backed by science. Put simply: to those who are looking to simply lose weight, there is more than enough evidence to at least try IF. [1]

Although keto gets the lion’s share of all diet-related claims of greater focus and clarity, the whole point of my original article was that I personally experience an effect similar to keto when I fast through the morning. [2] Science, logic, and personal experience lead me to hypothesize that this focus is created by a mix of metabolism, avoidance of “puppy belly,” and hunger. The last one, the actual ‘starvation,’ isn’t really as bad as most people think.[3]

So, what kinds of ill effects can come from intermittent fasting? And how? For God’s sake, man, tell me why?!

The Vantasner Danger Meridian.

Some things shouldn’t be amplified | Credit: Keagan Henman

The Vantasner Danger Meridian

According to at least one high-level CIA official who also spent significant time on a remote island occupied by Others, the VDM is defined as follows:

the point or line after which danger to your mission and/or sense of self increases exponentially. Often used to demarcate conditions of grave and approaching danger.

The Vantasner Danger Meridian can be regarded as a kind of tipping point. A Rubicon in daily life. Unlike Julius Caesar, though, you might cross this point-of-no-return without knowing it.




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