How to play product manager

A primer for the easiest job around (for those who don’t do it)

Acting the Part | Credit: Kyle Head

A conundrum

Step 1: Gird thyself

Step 2: The secret is there’s no secret

Step 3: Results are all that matter now

Step 4: Results = Value / Time

Step 5: Have a point of view

Step 6: You own it

Step 7: Report up and out

Step 8: Paint a vision, and make a business case

If all of this sounds exhausting to you, then don’t play product manager. Real product managers live for these things.

Step 9: Track it like you mean it

Step 10: Do the dirty work

Dirty work is so much fun he can’t stand it | Credit: J E W E L M I T CH E L L

Step 11: Declare that you’re the product manager

Just Do It | Credit: FreeModels Agency

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