How dieting will ruin dating

When food fights back

Wiktor Karkocha
Jaco Pretorius

A Brand New World

In the name of Whole30 we pray. | Mateus Campos Felipe

Niche delish

Give Them What They Want

Maybe we just weren’t ready.

What does this have to do with dating?

Russ McCabe
Official Department of Justice portrait of the 75th Attorney General, Edwin Meese, III by Douglas Van Howd
Only. To lose it. Again.

k3rnel-pan1c [*]

The Future Starts Slow [5]

You won’t find this place listed under the Yelp “Good for dates” filter. [7]

All the way wet (aka the footnotes)

Let’s totally grab a wake for Uncle Ted if y’all are in town. | Rhodi Lopez
Corn is much different today from what our ancient ancestors knew.

Not Siri. Sri (shree'). Navy SEAL, podcaster, machine learning, father. Trying to understand jazz. Trying to find huevos rancheros.

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