The portfolio theory of hiring

A story of flawed beauty

Lincoln and Gen. McClellan shortly after the Battle of Antietam. Stoic faces may have been common in photos back then, but this interview is not going well.

When I was a kid, we swam in a pool with Dick Van Patten. Okay, that sounds weird. All of it.

Perhaps this is why hiring processes tend to be like cold brew: slow, inefficient, unreliable, and frustrating for everyone.

‘Goldilocks runs from the three bears’ from The Book of Knowledge (1912, Arthur Mee and Holland Thompson)

Classes of Traits

Bounded Traits

Unbounded Traits

Goldilocks Traits

Portfolio Thinking

Actress and model Lauren Hutton was so famous for her gap-toothed smile that studios made sure to copyright every photo where she’s actually smiling.

The point of ‘data points’

All the way wet (aka footnotes)

Not Siri. Sri (shree'). Navy SEAL, podcaster, machine learning, father. Trying to understand jazz. Trying to find huevos rancheros.

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