Cheating’s not okay… right?

The Harvard Business School case that gnawed at me for 10 years

Is cheating part of the game? | Houston Astros Manager AJ Hinch (Wikimedia)

The flop

But maybe I was wrong.

Credit: Michał Parzuchowski

The turn

Trusty salesman | Photo: Johnny Cohen

Is dishonesty in society a bug — or a feature?

If dishonesty is embedded within society (which it is), then dishonesty is unavoidably ingrained in business.

Mulling over the next move | Credit: World Poker Tour via Flickr

The river

These dramatic examples are rhetorically powerful but avoid dealing with the tough question: Does there exist *any* circumstance in which it’s okay to ‘cheat’ in business??

Who’s the empty suit? | Credit: Zane Lee

All in or fold?

A typical day at BUD/S. Desperation divides sharply. | Credit: SnappyGoat
Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man, attributed to J. H. W. Tischbein (c. 1780)

The slope is slippery, but your behavior changes the incline.

The side pot | Afterword

One of these guys is not like the others. That’s usually the ensign. | Credit: Seabee Museum (Flickr)

All the way wet | The footnotes

Thank you

Credit: Andre Luiz Moreira

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