The power of self improvement

I posted the above from an ER while on a business trip years ago. The pain was white. Electric.

Poked and prodded

Photo: Duy Pham via Unsplash

Ending the 40-hour workweek

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Through a glass, sharply

A day late and a president short

Credit: Jon Tyson

I told you so

ph. Braydon Anderson

Leaders should harness the jester

The Harvard Business School case that gnawed at me for 10 years

Is cheating part of the game? | Houston Astros Manager AJ Hinch (Wikimedia)

The flop

A fad diet’s hidden demons

Hiding in plain sight — just like IF’s demonic side | Credit: Alice Alinari

Sport informs life

Is he frozen? | Credit: Jupiterimages

The killer domino

Only a few brave souls want to take this hill

Good luck staying in ketosis after that | Credit: engin akyurt

Ellen DeGeneres, Tilda Swinton, and human relationships on AI


Not Siri. Sri (shree'). Navy SEAL, podcaster, machine learning, father. Trying to understand jazz. Trying to find huevos rancheros.

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